Mother’s Day is a beautiful and  holy day. It is about honoring and celebrating the women who brought us into this world, raised us up within this lifetime, sacrificed whatever was needed to make our lives possible, and gave us life in so many ways.
We celebrate our birth-mothers, adoptive-mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, surrogate-mothers, emotional-mothers and soul-mothers. Whomever they are, wherever they are, those who still walk this earth and those who now mother us from above; we honor her, we respect her and we remember her.
It is about her. It is equally about us. She deserves to be remembered and we need to be the “daughter” or “son” who makes time to remember.
On this Mother’s Day, for those of us whose mother is now in heaven, make time to formally remember her. She is gone. She is not forgotten. You are her heir, the guardian of her story and her legacy.