In life, we carry a lot of heaviness. Maybe it’s stress, worry, frustration, feelings of being too overwhelmed, too taxed, too busy. Sometimes, life feels like it’s more than we can handle. We find ourselves sweeping our trauma and fears under the rug, but really, we continue to carry our traumas and fears in our body, and that contributes to this weight. By following the pathway to our soul and inner happiness, and feeling our emotions, we can get to the root of the weight we carry and release it for good. 

I invite you to join in this guided visualization: 

Feel your extra weight – all of those worries, fears, and stresses. Do you feel that you’re carrying more than you’d like?


Breathe into the heaviest part of your body. Feel the sensations, the burden, the responsibility of carrying all of this weight. Breathe into your body and your heart, and feel the emotions of how you perceive yourself in this heavier state. 

Feel the frustration for yourself and your body. The frustration you have with your body for not responding the way you’d like it to. Feel the sense of overwhelm, of all that is going on: raising kids, business, money, life, hormones. 

This all feels like it’s more than you can handle, in the weight. All of that energy is more than you want to handle. 

Just breathe. 

Explore your belief in yourself. Visualize yourself hunched over, softened in the belly, frustrated with your self and thinking you’re not good enough. Is this more than you can handle? More than you want to be handling? Now visualize yourself stretching taller, and the weight shedding off of you. Your spine grows and extends. 

Do you feel as though you can’t keep up with life? Or that you’re not good enough? Maybe you feel overwhelmed as a parent, a worker, a person, a woman. Visualize a heavier responsibility on the body. As you breathe, hold your head up high, straighten your back. You are the provider of yourself. You’re the provider of yourself as a woman, a worker, a mom, in all ways. But you don’t give yourself all of the credit for what you bring to your life, your kids, your body – all of the little things you manage and do. 

Acknowledge all you’ve done, on a daily basis, to support others, to teach others, engaging with others. Acknowledge the beautiful things you do and love, how much of your love you give out. Feel, if you can, this gaze of unconditional love surround you. 

Be more present with yourself. Congratulate yourself, and all you’ve done. Perhaps you’re not giving yourself enough self respect, acknowledgement, or appreciation. The weight you carry is focused on what you’re not doing, what you don’t have time for, what can’t be kept up with, what should have been done already. We’re hard on ourselves – always feeling like we need to do more and be more. 

The physical and emotional weight you’re carrying is the pressure, burden, and the responsibility you’re putting on yourself, which comes from not acknowledging how much you do. Shift your focus, frequently, from the weighted side to all that you appreciate. 

When you sleep at night, and if you find yourself thinking of the things you didn’t do during the day, rest in the knowledge and trust that you’ll do it the next day. Tell yourself that you did your very best today. Give it over to the universe. Feel the shift in energy as you begin to sleep. If we go to bed feeling incomplete, thinking of what should have gotten done, we affect our digestion, stress, and sleep hormones. When we feel that we’re not enough, we carry that into our sleep. 

Instead, focus on this: I am perfect the way I am. Breathe in through the body. Say I love you body. Thank you for carrying me through the day. For moving me. For being there with me. Have a conversation with your immune system: thank you for supporting me, for keeping me strong and powerful. 

Turn up the dial on your metabolism: I love you. You are efficient. You process food. You drive nutrients from food through my body. You burn fat to energy and build muscle. 

Turn up the dial. 

Our bodies respond to stress. Instead of centering the stress, say Thank you. You are so good to me. Thank you for being so healthy, handling any stress, with such strong energy. My body can handle stress. 

Visualize your body: stand tall, think of your emotional and spiritual weight falling away. Hold yourself, and see the image of yourself of how you want your body to be. Envision a conversation with your body: I’m healthy, but maybe I want to be more efficient, or stronger. 

What’s most important, though, is that you love yourself exactly as you are now. Every square inch of you. This is how you transform. I love my body NOW. Love how much lighter you feel when you love yourself as you are. You are enough right now. You are more than enough. 

Imagine a new relationship with food, and prepare yourself for a kinder relationship without condemnation. You’re not a bad person because of something you ate. There are no shoulds. Think about the negative cycle of thoughts that run through your mind when you eat something you’re not “supposed to.” These thoughts cause a disruptive relationship with food, when we want a harmonious relationship. Notice as you are drawn to a kinder, more intuitive way of eating, choosing foods that are of great nourishment, and exactly what your body needs and wants. Your body guides you to eat what it needs. Enjoy when you don’t eat what you should eat. Enjoy the processed food. Release it, and it won’t become a binge. Don’t fight against it, as this resistance causes more weight. 

Let yourself off the hook more. Invest more love and appreciation in yourself. Like money, we think of weight as such a big thing. But it’s not a big deal. Weight does not need to be a huge hurdle. What would happen if you didn’t perceive the weight we carry as such a struggle? What happens if you let go of the drama and the story you tell yourself?How to Get to the Root of Weight and Release it for Good

I invite you to allow it all to be easier, with more time, more flow, more efficiency, which will all lead you to more productive results. The beauty of being a human being is being a human being in a body.