Are you a human doing or a human being? When we’re in the middle of all the busyness, we’re a human doing. The day to day running, like a machine checking off to do lists; our heads are with our phones, texting, checking the news, answering calls – we’re running from one activity to the next, never slowing down. Technology and social media create high expectations, and oftentimes unhappiness when we don’t have boundaries. With so much technology, we find we have less time for fun, meaning, reflection, and community. It can also be destructive to our health and well being. Why? Under all this busyness, stress, anxiety, and depression are bubbling up underneath. 

The Avoid-Dance 

Busyness is about putting bandaids on the things in our lives that need our attention and healing. We’ll call this the “Avoid-Dance”, because we’re avoiding! Even if we’re aware there are things we’re avoiding in our lives, we run. We’re scared. We want to hide from our darkness, which is normal and natural. 

So why do we run? 

It’s easier to avoid the hard emotions, like rage, anger, fear, sadness, terror, grief, illness, wounds, pain, and even negative beliefs that we hold. They’re scary, and we want to push them further under the rug because it’s easier to just feel good.

But when we run, or push those hard emotions under the rug, we do the avoid-dance. We use vices likes alcohol, drugs, food, Netflix, shopping, busyness, or social media – anything that can help cover up our pain, our darkness, and our hurt. Our bodies and minds begin to operate with a fight or flight mentality, and we go into “autopilot,” which causes us to shut off intimacy, close our hearts, and in effect, we miss the beauty and love of life. We abandon ourselves to escape difficult feelings, our bodies, and our pain. We try to escape from the life we’re afraid of, and we forget our souls. When we’re doing to the avoid-dance, we are human doings, not human beings!

Once we recognize that we’re avoiding ourselves and our lives, how do we connect to our souls, and remember that we are spiritual beings? 

We need to slow down. 

What would happen if you slowed down, and stopped numbing yourself? What would that look like for you? In the midst of quarantine, I suddenly find myself faced with more downtime, and I find myself faced with the time to reflect upon my life. But facing life isn’t always pretty. When we get off the treadmill of busyness, we’re forced to notice what comes up when we’re not so busy. What is left in the silence are the things we don’t necessarily want to look at, like those emotions and memories that accompany the unsettling truths about our lives. 

When we release busyness and embrace silence, we make a space for our soul to emerge. Silence is where we emerged from, and perhaps silence is how we remember who we are. Learn to listen to your inner wisdom, and make decisions that come from your best and highest self. Discover how to find inner joy, and heal the wounds that keep you busy. Connect more with your Divine Body Wisdom, and discover who you are! 

You can become your own healer, just by allowing your soul to guide you when you find the stillness and quiet of your soul. Now is the time to listen deeply to what our bodies and spirits are telling us. It’s time to break the rules and create our own routines and rhythms according to what works best for our families. It’s time to get real about what’s working and what’s not in our homes and societies. We are all healers. 

This is a feminine call to action, which means no action until we’ve been still for long enough to hear our intuition, and to call on the wisdom of the wild, to seek the counsel of our ancestors, and to channel the crones within us. This unique moment of history is reorienting us towards our wise and wild nature.