No matter what you are facing or enduring, there is always a pathway forward. It begins with one single, solitary truth – something you know you can turn to, hold on to, and lean into to help you find your footing. From there you’ll find your next truth, your next step and the one after that. This is how you find your way through the chaos, the darkness and hell. You will find your way forward, but first you must find your truth!

In this Soulwork exercise make two lists:

First, write down 5 unequivocal truths you can use as stepping stones – those things, people, qualities or activities that are absolutely good for you and critical in helping you find your way forward, leading you back to your truth.

Second, write down 5 things, people, qualities or activities you know to be unequivocally bad for you – anything or anyone which leads you down a dead end and further from your truth.