We recently had the opportunity to join Jay Foss on his podcast, Raising Your Inner Voice.

We both share our personal experiences and “shatterings” as we moved through midlife, and ways we’ve moved through them to the other side – as awakened, whole people.

B shares how he was a victim of the “more-ning”. of life – “to be more is to have more is to create more is to do more.” It never ended for him, he never felt good enough, satisfied, or complete.

Approaching the crossroads of midlife, B knew he needed to deal with the ancestral trauma of his family, and he and Ariela moved to Israel.

Ariela’s midlife awakening began as her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Her diagnosis opened up some deep changes, but also the challenges she had with her in life. She experienced a number of deep losses, and truly had to learn how to lean into her grief.

Sometimes, life takes you to your knees so that you open up to your spiritual gifts and guidance. 

Together we changed are paths to find the answers that we knew were inside of us. 

Listen below for our candid and personal work in becoming Soul Centered.