I recently joined Dan and Miriam on “The Vibe of the Tribe Podcast” to revisit my popular article “Do Jews Believe in Hell?” and to discuss why people are so intrigued about this topic in general and Kabbalistic teachings on life after death in particular.

In our conversation “Heaven and Hell in Judaism” we discuss the soul’s journey through Gehenna (the “way station” hell in Judaism)

  • The rewards of olam habah (“the world to come”)
  • Reincarnation
  • Resurrection
  • Communicating with the dead

Judaism in general, and Kabbalah in particular, has plenty to say about the afterlife, detailed descriptions of both heaven and hell, and communication with the dead. It is such an important conversation to have and an area of life, and death, to explore. 

Far too many people have been led to believe that Judaism doesn’t believe in these things when unequivocally it does. The insights and inspiration around these topics are relevant for anyone, Jewish, Christian, religious, or secular. Kabbalah gives us an intellectual approach to spirituality and a sophisticated way to think about life after death. 

You can listen to our intriguing conversation below.