The midlife mom is on a journey. 

A path to awakening our divine power, but also a time of loss, grief, and change. 

It’s an opportunity to listen to one’s soul and body, rise to uncover our authenticity and to practice deep self care. 

Midlife moms know that there are challenges in doing this – we travel this road with children along our paths. 

Now is the time to rewrite our journey of parenting in midlife. It’s time to rewrite our stories, to honor our worth, to parent in a pandemic with different skills, to honor our bodies and slow the pace of our lives.

My guest, and very close friend, Kara Blattman Rock has a beautiful way of parenting and self care that is unique and special. Balancing four children, living in a foreign country for 8 years, and now living in New Mexico, Kara sees life as an opportunity to live each moment in the present.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How essential oils can offer you emotional, spiritual and physical support in midlife
  • Why making time is the number one tool to honor your body, your relationships and your life
  • What Kara has learned from living in a foreign country and how that shapes her views today
  • How to parent during a pandemic and the importance of putting on your oxygen mask first in order to manage your home
  • The best way to role model to our children the importance of soul care and loving yourself
  • Which essential oils Kara loves to help her remain soul centered during parenting and pandemic
  • …Much more!

Listen now

I have known Kara for six years. We lived in Israel at the same time and she was a role model for me during my years of selling DoTerra Essential Oils. Kara was not only a role model in my DoTerra role, but she was also an expander for me. Kara is a team leader, she has fabulous collaboration and connecting skills, and she is passionate about finding meaning and purpose in life, all while parenting four children, moving countries and living through a pandemic.  I am honored to call her a dear friend. She is definitely a rock!

“We weren’t put on this planet to sacrifice everything for our children. We were put here to shine our light; to be our whole, unique, and glorious selves. We were put here to show the children how it’s done.” – Revolution from home

Listen in and I hope you’ll take away some of Kara’s incredible tips for Conscious Parenting in Pandemic

About Kara

Kara Blattman-Rock, OTR/L, Yoga teacher and Wellness educator has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and teaching for 15 years. She first came to yoga because she was looking for a movement art that was more than just a physical practice.  She needed a better connection to her body and knowing herself.  Yoga changed her life and led her on a path of total body, mind, and spirit wellness. She has studied many yoga styles and likes to bring in the teachings that have affected her the most. Her favorite yoga practice and style of teaching is a Vinyasa Flow.  She believes that it feels like the body is dancing through the asanas to the music of our breath.  She likes to teach an energetic and healing flow that allows students to feel strong, open and quiet in their physical and mental body.  In every class she brings in the healing aromas of essential oils to help the students to connect to a deeper practice. Her background is natural healing and mind-body awareness, with a degree of science in Occupational Therapy, Certifications in the Science of Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga, Ayur-Yoga, Vinyasa, and Yoga for a Happy Back.  She is the founder of Doterra International in Israel. She proud to have an amazing and supportive husband, Ishmael, and mother of 4 beautiful children, Sofia, Hana, Levi, and Sapir.

She feels so empowered to know how to help herself, her family and others in a safe and effective way that does no harm. When she moved to Israel in 2012, she was the first person to introduce doTERRA to Israel. She became one of the founding members of doTERRA in Israel and doTERRA officially launched in Israel, 2020.

Her Mission
To educate and help families all over the world empower themselves by using doTERRA essential oils and products in their everyday life.

To empower families to change their careers and financial health with the doTERRA business community. Together we create a proactive and conscious community all over the world.

Lastly, have fun, laugh, enjoy every moment. Stay focused on your mission and watch your dreams manifest.

Kara Blattman-Rock 
Platinum Director for Doterra in Israel, Founder
Yoga Therapist, Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor, Essential Oil Educator
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