Tired, anxious, stressed and burnt out?

These are just a few words to describe the overwhelm that women are feeling today.  The burnout is real and is amplified in the pandemic. Because most of us are stressed by our life circumstances and the current state of the world, it’s more difficult and takes more energy to access the emotional regulation, the much-needed self-care, and soul centering we need in order to create a life we don’t need to escape from. Nature excursions are just some of the small ways we can keep ourselves afloat and find our center.  

In this podcast, Ariela talks to Jamie Blackburn, of the Inner Map Project, to explore what it means to connect with nature to find your passion, love, and reclaim energy.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Deep nature-based self-care tools to carry you through pandemic and beyond
  • How to connect with your true nature and do small things daily to easily expand your energy container
  • Why nature and intuition are intertwined and how to find the still small voice that comes from fresh air and a change in your environment
  • How to change your thoughts and limiting beliefs that make you feel disempowered
  • Small home-based rituals to calm your nervous system and connect you to nature inside your own home
  • Much more!

Jamie is a fast friend and now my partner in creating a sisterhood tribe to support women in reconnecting to their wild nature through soul, meditation, nature, new moon energies, and embodiment practices.  She has a spark of light and fire in her that is contagious and her message is unique!

Jamie Blackburn has worn many hats in her life: oyster shucker, science teacher, outdoor educator, school counselor, and ice cream scooper. But the job she loves most is what she does now… helping overwhelmed women find time for self-care so they prevent burnout and don’t miss out on life’s greatest adventures. Jamie offers workshops, wellness programs, and retreats through her business, the Inner MAP Project, which is based on the belief that Mindfulness, Physical Activity, and mental Presence (MAP) can keep us connected to our true nature. Jamie holds Master’s degrees in both Curriculum & Instruction and Counseling that she used while working in the public schools for 14 years. She is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga since 2007. 

Jamie can be found at: https://www.innermapproject.com/