Tools for Healing our minds, bodies, and spirits

There are times in life when we run instead of finding healing.

We run from our pain.
We run from the reality of life.
We run from our relationships.
We run from the holes inside of our bodies, and in our spirits.

Some of us run because we have old traumas that continue to arise. Some of us run because we were never taught to feel our scary emotions that reside inside of our bodies, so we run because life feels overwhelming,

When we run, we often use substances and things outside of ourselves to numb, push down and hide our pain. These substances can be as benign as watching too much Netflix, are as dangerous as overeating, drinking, and using drugs. Anything outside ourselves can be used as a way to avoid the darkness inside.

I call this…

dancing around the void.

We become Void Dancers because it is too scary to face what is lurking in our shadows.

My guest Nancy McKay, has quite a story and I want you to hear it. She is sober and a survivor of cancer and she has hit rock bottom and faced herself and the gaping holes inside. Nancy now teaches other women how to survive and thrive from addictions and unhealthy behaviors.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Nancy’s story of growing up as a child of alcoholic parents and how she survived this challenge.
  • The importance of learning how to regulate our nervous systems to re-parent ourselves and teach the inner child how to rest.
  • How childhood traumas follow us and imprint inside of our bodies until we are open to healing and loving ourselves enough to face these traumas head-on.
  • The intuitive healing abilities of animals and how they can be incorporated into the healing process.
  • That changing your beliefs is possible with dedication and willingness to be present inside of your body.
  • Life is a journey and not a destination. Healing is possible at any age and any stage of life, and everyone is capable of healing when we are willing to face ourselves fully.

Nancy is an inspiration to me and I know when you hear her story, she will inspire you to live your dreams and face your fears!

Nancy J. McKay is a Certified Life & Equus Coach ~ Author ~ Speaker and owner of Amazing Outlook Coaching, LLC. Nancy has been sober since March 2009 and is an ovarian cancer survivor since 2015. These challenges gave her a new mantra: “I didn’t get sober and survive cancer to be miserable.” And so, at the age of 60, Nancy changed course to create a life filled with purpose and passion. Nancy is warm and compassionate as well as a bit salty and sassy.

Nancy uses her unique life experiences, training and passion, to help women who are stuck in a cycle of unhealthy habits, behaviors or addictions and are ready to learn new tools and strategies to cope with life’s challenges differently, so they can feel greater joy, happiness, and freedom every day.

A contributing author to Ready to Fly-Volume 3 as well as the author of her own blog, Nancy is also a dynamic speaker and storyteller.

Nancy is a Certified Life & Equus Coach living in Lakewood, Colorado with her husband Jimmy and their two rescued Westies, Maggie and Tommy.

She can be reached at