Have you ever heard the term, “trauma trigger” ?

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re going about your day when something catches you completely off guard. In a flash, your body comes alive with energy, you feel anxious, your thoughts spin, and your hands feel clammy. Your emotions are huge and overwhelming. 

Shame, anger, and/or fear overtake you, and you want to lash out, hide, or run away.
Or you might feel frozen.

If we explored what provoked this reaction, something probably made you feel unsafe (physically or emotionally): You felt shamed, rejected, abandoned, or threatened.

The above experience describes a “trauma trigger.”

Perhaps instead, you feel chronically exhausted. You are a sensitive woman and you feel overwhelmed with your healing. Supplements, talk therapy, medications, meditation; you have spent thousands of dollars trying to heal. You are to your knees and don’t know how to finally heal.

Perhaps you have been told that you are too much, not enough, or feel unworthy in your life.  You may have a history of trauma and wounds that just won’t release. Life is calling you to go deeper, but you just don’t know how. And you may just be burnt out. You are losing your trust: in your body, yourself, and Spirit.

How can you trust that you are being guided? How can you even trust yourself? It is a lonely feeling to feel so alone in your healing.

It is time for some real change. 

Now is the time to be supported in all ways and finally get to the root causes of what keeps you sick, unworthy, and untrusting. In the podcast this week, you will learn to feel worthy in your own skin and be loved just the way you are. Isn’t it time to finally open to your authentic self, and your inner guidance? 

My next guest, Rowen Mikodah, knows personally and professionally what it takes to get to the root of your wounds and transform them. She knows because she has been there herself.

In this podcast, you will learn:

Rowen Mikodah headshot

Rowen Mikodah is a former psychotherapist turned facilitator of the “Way of Becoming” project – a year-long path of initiation, frequency healing and mastery for “Fawns”: women who are ready to let go of self-identifying in relation to other people and self-initiate and belong from within. Rowen synthesized this method from her work as a body intuitive, group facilitator, somatic therapist and her own initiatory journey. Rowen teaches others how to partner with the body to unravel past patterning with ease and grace. This method stems from a new paradigm of healing that is a spiritual path of individuation and wholeness.
Rowen can be reached at: https://www.thewayofbecoming.co/