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About Baruch HaLevi

Rabbi means “teacher,” and Rabbi Dr. Baruch HaLevi is a teacher and guide for anyone, of any religion, faith tradition or background. From secular to religious, from spiritual to atheist, Rabbi B guides people seeking to transform their darkness into light.

Baruch HaLevi, Rabbi B

Meet Baruch HaLevi, Rabbi B

My name is Baruch HaLevi, known to many as “Rabbi B”. For over twenty years my wife, Ariela, and I, have dedicated our lives to exploring, understanding, and living a soul-centered life, and sharing our experiences with others along the journey. For many years we accomplished this through leading Jewish congregations, as detailed in our book, “Revolution of Jewish Spirit,” and are proud of what we achieved.

Today, we are continuing this work through fulfilling our life long dream of building and facilitating Soul Centered, a place for anyone, from any background or belief system, seeking spiritual, inspirational and thoughtful pathways to experience loss, healing and soul.

Rabbi B is an ordained rabbi, holds a Doctoral Degree in Ministry with an emphasis on Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling, and is a trained Logotherapist. He has training and experience in a multitude of pastoral, chaplaincy, and counseling settings, and was the senior rabbi of one of the largest congregations in the Northeast. For the past six years, Rabbi B has focused on his private counseling practice, both in-person (in Denver, CO) and by phone/video-conferencing.

Baruch HaLevi - Ariela HaLevi

Learning, with a personal meaning

Personally I have known loss, particularly having lost both my grandmother and father to suicide, along with having mourned so many friends and family members along the way. And, professionally, I have officiated at over 500 funerals and guided thousands of people of all religions, faith traditions and belief systems, through life’s trials, traumas and tragedies. These experiences inspired me to write “Spark Seekers: Mourning with Meaning; Living with Light,” and create Spark Seekers Grief Counseling & The Grief Experience.

As a passionate student of Dr. Viktor Frankl, author of “Man’s Search for Meaning,” and father of Logotherapy (meaning-centered therapy), and practitioner of Logotherapy, I have come to live by Logotherapy’s central tenet: life has meaning under all circumstances.

No matter how dark it might be, there are always sparks of meaning, possibility and divinity waiting to be discovered. This is how I live my life, why we created Soul Centered, and what I’m committed to helping people do.

-Rabbi B

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