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Finding Light In The Heart Of Darkness: Kabbalistic Tools For Parenting

Finding Light In The Heart Of Darkness: Kabbalistic Tools for Parenting

A Two Part Class to Discover Kabbalistic and Soulful Tools to Parent during Pandemic:

Sunday ,May 10th 7pm MDT & Sunday, May 17th 7pm MDT

  • Connect to your Divine Body Wisdom to discover inner coping tools you never knew you had
  • Nurture your soul so you can support your family
  • Discover the pathway to your higher self even during times of stress and anxiety
  • Best practices for emotional strength during pandemic and beyond
  • Explore Kabbalistic themes to discover sparks of light in the unknown

Ariela HaLevi is co-founder of Soul Centered, a Denver based center for loss, meaning and healing. She guides people to connect to their divine body and soul wisdom so they can heal spiritually, emotionally and physically. Ariela brings 20 years of experience in healing and coaching, Jewish embodiment practices, to create a paradigm shift.  in how to achieve wholeness.  She teaches through mystical blends of yoga, guided healing visualizations, emotional release work, soul coaching, energy work, and intuitive guidance. Ariela believes that when you use your body as the healer for your emotions and physical health, you gain the freedom to transform your life.