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Love Unleashed: A Midlife Woman’s Body Exploration

Love Unleashed: A Midlife Woman’s Body Exploration


May 21 - 07:00 pm


June 4 - 08:30 pm

Click to Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/love-unleashed-a-midlife-womans-body-exploration-tickets-104377983358

Soul Centered

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/soul-centered-30242524086
Radically love your body, yourself and your life. Are you ready to unleash your love? Join us for this 3 session interactive course.

The registration fee covers all three classes (5/21, 5/28, 6/4)

We will explore the following questions…

  • Do you resent your body for not looking the way you want it to, for having pain, symptoms, raging hormones, and the inability to lose weight?
  • Do you feel your body has betrayed you?
  • Do you long to finally feel connected to your body and heal emotionally, physically and spiritually?
  • Do you long to discover the magic of midlife, the inner freedom from emotional blocks and love yourself completely?
  • Do you feel exhausted by the war between you and your body, craving to rest, connect and feel at home with who you are?

Here’s the truth:

  • You can love your body, your life and yourself by connecting to your divine body wisdom.
  • Your body is the most important friend you have, always there to support and love you, with you until the very end.
  • Your body is an instrument that you use to experience your life, your art, your masterpiece.
  • Your body is the pathway to your magic, your intuition and a beautiful journey to the depths of your soul.
  • Healing begins when you open to your emotions and feelings.
  • Loving the skin you’re in means learning to embrace your body, and even your symptoms!


Course Format:

Once a week for three weeks, we will meet on zoom for 60 to 90 minutes to explore a topic related to connecting to your divine body wisdom:

Class One: Emotions Unleashed

Class Two: Healing Unleashed

Class Three: Life Unleashed

We will explore any blocks or challenges you are encountering to help you open up to your own body’s wisdom and wholeness. This can powerfully shift not only your relationship with your body and soul, but also your relationships with others!

Facebook Community

We will join together in a private Love Unleashed Facebook Group in order to build a community. I will offer topics and tips to help open your heart and help your body connect to itself and finally break free of the old ways of seeing and experiencing yourself. We will also explore any blocks or challenges that you are having to support you on your journey.

Channeled Meditations

You will receive one guided energy healing meditation to download and take with you in times of need.

Spiritual Tools

Connect to your body’s deepest longing through specific tools and exercises to elicit emotions and release.


From Ariela HaLevi:

Love Unleashed: Midlife Women’s Body Immersion. This is a three part immersion experience that includes:

  • Three live, interactive immersion classes
  • Private online support community
  • A channeled guided dedication
  • Spiritual tools and exercises

Here’s the thing: I have hated my body almost my entire life. My life felt out of control as a child, and I used food, and forced my body into a size I thought it should be. I was hyper-focused on my body and dealt with body dysmorphia, which prevented me from feeling my emotions, trusting myself, and using my Divine Guidance to help me find my home in my body.

I can help you unleash your love and recover a lost piece of yourself and finally feel at home inside of your own skin. Our body is the home of who we are in this life. It’s the physical form that our soul chose to inhabit to have this human experience in this life. Your body is perfectly created to house the amazingness that you are. It is the ever changing, perfectly created expression of who you are. So why do we fight it? Why do we hate it?​ Why do we make what other people think about our bodies more important than our own love of ourselves?

Are you ready to unleash your love and let go of that old relationship with your body? Are you ready to release the habitual negative thoughts about your body, and create a new, healthy, more loving bond to feel more alive, have more energy and enhance your life? Your body is longing for your love. It wants your attention. It wants your love. It wants your presence. It wants all of you!