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Grief Xperience

The Grief Xperience Is…

Online grief services and retreats grounded in the ancient Jewish mystical mourning and grief rituals and practices  – universalized, modernized, spiritualized, and personalized.

It is for anyone, from any religion or spiritual practice seeking guidance, meaning, connection, and inspiration at any stage after the death of a loved one.

A Special Message During This Time Of The Coronavirus Epidemic

During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, we are facing unprecedented, fear, isolation, and grief for the myriad of losses we are all experiencing. However, for those of you who are grieving the death of a loved one, particularly if that death has happened after the outbreak, denying you traditional and proper death, mourning and grief rites, and rituals, the suffering can be unimaginable and even unbearable.

You need and deserve the opportunity to mourn your loved one and to grieve.

The Grief Xperience has been designed for exactly this purpose, for you, and I am honored to be able to offer it to you.

– Rabbi B

Are You Grieving The Death Of A Loved One?

Were you deprived of the opportunity to be with your loved one when they died?

Were you denied a traditional or complete funeral because of current restrictions?

Did you have to forego mourning rituals such as a wake or a shiva because of social distancing?

Do you feel deprived of the opportunity to formally pay tribute to your loved one?

Are you alone during your time of need or do you just feel alone in your grief?

The Grief Experience 

First Sunday of the month at 7 pm (MST) on Facebook Live

The Grief Xperience is an opportunity to set aside time to consciously and formally grieve a death, process your grief, and pay tribute to your loved one. The Grief Xperience is grounded in the ancient wisdom, tradition, and practices of shiva, the Jewish spiritual grief practice, made accessible and welcoming for anyone, at any stage after a loss. Through memorial prayers, songs, readings, chanting, and rituals, you will find comfort, inspiration, and direction to help you transform your grief into meaning and darkness into light.

The Grief Experience Is…

The Grief Experience is inspired by Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) and the ancient mystical grief rituals known as Shiva – universalizing, spiritualizing, and modernizing these timeless traditions and eternal truths.

It draws upon other ancient traditions, religions, and spiritual practices, as well as alternative healing modalities, therapeutic practices, and modern, self-development tools.

It provides you with the guidance, rituals, tools, and connections necessary to move forward with purpose and inspiration after your loss. It is an experience that will help you in transforming your grief into meaning and your darkness into light.

It is for anyone, from any religious tradition to no faith tradition. Yes, it is grounded in Jewish tradition. No, it is not exclusively for Jewish people. You are wanted and welcome. Your beliefs are respected and you will feel comfortable.

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, The Grief Experience is for you.

The Grief Experience Offers…

The Grief Experience offers you a two hour, holistic (mind-body-spirit) mini-grief retreat, including:

RITUAL – Engage in timeless rituals like kriah – the tearing of a garment and a candle lighting ceremony as a way to formally frame your grief

PRAYER & CHANT – Participate in ancient memorial prayers and chants to honor your loved one and help you reorient yourself towards love and light, as well as an opportunity to write your own prayers

SONGS – Listen to ancient, uplifting songs of hope, spirit and everlasting love

MEDITATION – Experience the comforting and clarifying process of quieting your mind, stilling your body, and making space for your spirit to come forth and help you heal

VISUALIZATION  – Open your heart and experience the comfort of being led in an inspirational, guided visualization

In order to heal our grief, we have to feel our grief. This is why I created The Grief Experience. It provides you with the needed time, space, tools, community & direction to feel, to heal, and to begin the journey from desperation to inspiration – that is what it means to be a Spark Seeker.

-Rabbi B

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