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Divine Body Wisdom / Healing Coaching

Ariela HaLevi guides people to connect to their divine body and soul wisdom so they can heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically. She teaches through mystical blends of yoga, guided healing visualizations, emotional release work, soul coaching, energy work, and intuitive guidance. 

Emotional Healing Guided Meditation

Welcome To Divine Body Wisdom Guidance

Have You Ever…

  • Longed for a deeper connection to your body, to increase the capacity to feel, to love and accept yourself fully?

  • Ached to transform your life, but felt like you would never overcome the emotions of the past?

  • Feel your body has abandoned you, and in disconnecting from yourself, you feel disconnected from your relationships?

  • Desired to release the inner forces that keep you blocked and realize your full potential?

  • Yearned to listen to your body, to really understand what it’s saying, to become your own healer?

If you answered yes to any of these then you are not alone…

Hi! I am Ariela HaLevi and I want to welcome you to Soul Centered. I work with clients utilizing my signature coaching program, Divine Body Wisdom Guidance, helping them to discover physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

I believe that when you connect with your body and soul wisdom, you gain the freedom to heal and change your life. This belief forms the foundation of Divine Body Wisdom Guidance. Living this has personally transformed my life and I know it will be transformational for you too!

I work with clients to:


Connect with your body wisdom to discover where your feelings and emotions are being stored.


Feel and release your emotions to create more space in your body and an opening for your soul wisdom to shine through.


Connect with your soul wisdom to discover the answers you need to heal and move forward with your life.


Receive spiritual and energetic guidance to allow healing and light to flow into your body.


Envision and manifest your whole and healthy life, and live the life you have always dreamed.



There are a number of tools we use to support you in achieving these results:


Utilizing present moment awareness, direct experience, acceptance, and other transformational tools to release inner debris so you can discover your own inner wisdom and live a life that truly excites and inspires you.


Emotional clearing, guided healing visualizations, yoga therapy, and more invite you to embark on a guided exploration of the inner world of body and emotion. These offerings provide a safe route into and out of a deeply transformative healing process and serve as a powerful tool for connecting to the truths buried within.


Through chakra balancing and Reiki energy healing techniques, you’ll achieve a greater connection to your body, spirit, and soul. This work is coupled with listening to intuitive guidance, both yours and mine, to deepen the healing.


For years, I have had a heart condition, panic attacks, and most recently, a stroke. Ariela has helped me understand that unresolved emotions can trap us into an unconscious belief system that harms not only our physical body but our spiritual minds and souls. Through guided meditation, reiki, and intuitive coaching, she has helped transform my life into one of calm clarity as I rediscover who I am as a soul, a dreamer and a human on this earth. My physical health is better than ever and I now have helpful tools to access as I make supportive changes in my life. I thank the heavens above for bringing her wisdom into my life!

-Sally M., New York

Ariela came to me at a time in my life when I was faced with an acute and life threatening trauma. Her gentle, empathetic, open disposition made me instantly feel comfortable in her presence. Ariela was able to help me address the spiritual and energetic pathway to healing. She provided me with tools that have helped me focus on inner well being and awareness.

—Sharon P., Massachusetts

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