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Healing Xperience

The Healing Experience is a pathway for you to connect with your body, feel your unexplored emotions, and tap into your body wisdom as a pathway to true emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. The Healing Experience includes yoga, meditation, guided visualization, and meaningful conversations all related to holistic healing, wellness, and soul-centered living.

The Healing Experience

The Healing Experience is a holistic approach to healing, providing you experiences to connect to your divine body and soul wisdom so you can heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The Healing Experience rotates between yoga, meditation, guided visualization, and healing conversations.


The Healing Experience Facebook Live:

Monday’s at 7 pm (MST)

Here’s What You Will Experience


Learn to experience, identify, and understand the messages that your body is communicating to you. This encourages a friendship between you and your body, and discovers deeper feelings and emotions that are present.


Make time to quiet your mind and pay attention to your emotions, allowing for a deeper connection to the essence of who you are. Your soul wisdom is a direct connection to your intuition: the true, shining, wise, and courageous self. From this place, you discover that you are your own healer, and that all of your answers lie within.


Receive spiritual and energetic guidance to allow healing and light to flow into your body. Healing isn’t about “fixing” anything broken – not the body, not the heart – but about remembering that as a soul, your essence, can never be broken, or incomplete in any way. Healing is a return to wholeness.


Make positive and healthier changes that transform your health and your life. When you connect to your body and soul wisdom, you can release your core wounds and heal. Transformation evolves from the previous steps, to create the health, relationships, and life you’ve always wanted and deserve.

The Healing Experience has helped me create time in my week for me, my body, and my soul. Ariela has taught me how to feel my feelings, reconnect with my body, and quiet my mind, and in the process I have learned to become my own healer. I’m so grateful for Ariela and this truly gracious gift.

-Jan G., Omaha, NE

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