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Life Coaching /Loss Counseling / Legacy Consulting

Rabbi Dr. Baruch HaLevi, “Rabbi B,” earned a doctoral degree in counseling, is a Logotherapist (meaning-centered therapy), and has spent twenty years guiding thousands of people from all religions and faith traditions, backgrounds, and beliefs through all of life’s transitions, trials, traumas, and tragedies.

Rabbi B guides people in transforming loss into meaning, discovering purpose in the afternoon of life, and designing a legacy of inspiration.

(exclusively for spiritual medium, Rebecca Rosen’s clients)

“Your legacy was meant to be lived, not simply left. When you do, you will inspire those who follow in your footsteps long after you are gone.” -Rabbi B

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Rabbi B works with clients by phone/video-conferencing across the world, offering Life Coaching, Loss Counseling  & Legacy Consulting.

Life Coaching

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” -Dr. Carl Jung

Rabbi B combines Logotherapy (meaning-centered therapy) and spiritual counseling with practical life coaching tools to empower his clients in uncovering meaning within their lives, discovering purpose on their journey, and living a life of inspiration.

When we come to the crossroads of midlife, or are along the journey into the Afternoon of Life, the old goals don’t always resonate, the old rules don’t often make sense, and the old tools no longer work. Rabbi B works with clients in moving into the Afternoon, choosing their unique goals, understanding their individual rules, and cultivating their personal tools. The meaning and purpose of the second half of life is far beyond anything we have ever known if we make this choice, do this work, and make this shift.

The Morning is about discovering self. The Afternoon is about discovering soul and who we truly are – truly, the privilege of a lifetime.

Loss Counseling

“Within everyone of us there is the defiant power of the human spirit.” -Dr. Viktor Frankl

Rabbi B guides anyone, at any point after a loss, as well as those facing their mortality or the end of life. Utilizing his signature Spark Seekers grief program, based on his book, “Spark Seekers: Mourning with Meaning, Living with Light,” he designs a personalized grief counseling program unique to each client’s specific needs.

Rabbi B’s message is straightforward and simple, though certainly not simple to realize: there are always sparks of meaning, possibility, and purpose within the darkness. Our duty after the loss of a loved one is to grieve fully and find “the defiant power of our spirit,” and rise up to live more fully, love more fiercely, and move forward with greater purpose, not in spite of the loss – because of it. We do this for our loved ones, for ourselves, and for those who follow in our footsteps.

Legacy Consulting

“This is the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” 

-Dr. Viktor Frankl

Rabbi B works with clients in the Afternoon of their life, helping them reimagine the second half of their profession, their pursuits, and their personal life.

Through a combination of Logotherapy (meaning-centered therapy), Life Coaching, and Spiritual Direction, he empowers his clients with new goals, new rules, and new tools to experience greater meaning, live with ultimate purpose, and discover authentic power. This is the stuff of legacy!

Legacy, contrary to popular belief, isn’t simply something to be decided for us after we are gone. What we stand for and how we live determines the legacy we inspire in others. This legacy can, and should, be designed, lived, and shared while we are alive. The Afternoon of Life is the time to wake up, rise up, and design our legacy, to choose our own way!

InSpirit Spiritual Guidance

with Rabbi B & Ariela

Rabbi B & Ariela HaLevi work in partnership with spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen, guiding her clients who have received a spiritual reading with Rebecca, helping them to explore, understand, and live the messages and insights received in a psychic reading, and integrating them into their life in spiritual, impactful, and practical ways. 

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Feeling is Healing

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