To Empower You in the Afternoon of Life

Discover deeper meaning, uncover greater purpose and realize true healing 

At Soul Centered, we are committed to providing tools and courses to further enhance your life. Both Ariela and Baruch have created programs based on the needs they have seen from their clients – those related to finding meaning, honoring your body, or navigating crises.

Your Sacred Body

with Ariela HaLevi

This program offers you a new, unique way to maximize your self-healing capacity, manifesting abilities, intuition, and the spiritual insight needed for the Afternoon of Life.
And, most of all, this program will help you love the skin you’re in — “imperfections” and all.

You will finally feel healed and whole and in partnership with your body, by using the missing ingredients in connection:


These are the building blocks for healing in the Afternoon of life. 

Choose Your Own Way

with Baruch HaLevi

This program offers you proven wisdom, sound strategies and practical tools to navigate the Crisis Crossroads, or one of Life’s T’s: transitions, tests, trials, traumas or tragedies, with more clarity, deeper meaning and greater purpose. 

No matter what you are facing, enduring or seeking, there is a way forward. It begins when you take back your power, consciously choose your path, and courageously step into the unknown. This program will support you, empower you and guide you as you learn to Choose Your Own Way!


These are the building blocks of authentic power in the Afternoon of life. 

Carry The Fire 

with Baruch HaLevi & Ariela HaLevi

This program offers you a holistic healing pathway (body, mind, emotions & spirit) on your journey through grief at any point after the death of a loved one. 

Drawing upon ancient wisdom traditions, universal spiritual practices, and modern therapeutic insights and tools, you will discover meaning and purpose within your loss and learn how to transform your darkness into light.

Heal Your Grief & Transcend Your Loss

These are the building blocks of the spirit in the Afternoon of life.