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If you're looking for support as you navigate The Afternoon of Life, we'd love to help!

Welcome to Soul Centered!

We are Ariela and Baruch HaLevi, co-founders of Soul Centered, and a couple who is passionate about reimagining The Afternoon of Life.

Our mission is to empower our clients and community in consciously creating new goals, proactively designing new rules, and practically implementing new tools, as they discover their innate healing wisdom, live wholeheartedly, and unleash their soul in ways that are only possible during The Afternoon of Life.

Baruch and Ariela HaLevi

Ariela is here to be your Healer if…. 

Ariela HaLevi
  • Midlife feels more like a crisis than an awakening and you need support navigating this new terrain
  • You long for a deeper connection to your body, to increase the capacity to feel, to love and accept yourself fully
  • You feel lonely and disempowered in your relationships, unable to find your true voice and worthiness
  • You want to discard old masks of identity, roles, titles, and the expectations of others.
  • You have experienced the heartache of a loss: loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, loss of yourself
  • Illness and chronic issues have caused so much fear and frustration that your body feels like a burden and not a joy

Pulling from the experience of her own midlife awakening, her powerful intuition, and utilizing her training in energy healing and soul retrieval guidance, Ariela will provide the healing you need so that you can embrace everything that the Afternoon of Life has to offer you

Baruch is here to be your Guide if… 

Ariela HaLevi
  • You are standing at one of life’s many crossroads, or as he calls them, “Life’s T’s” (Transitions, Tests, Trials, Traumas or Tragedies)
  • You’re seeking an experienced and trusted guide to help you find your way forward through loss’s of all types
  • You want a compassionate companion to stand by your side, truly listen to you, support, and empower you through your grief
  • You’re searching for spiritual direction, mental clarity, emotional resolve, and practical tools
  • You desire to discover deeper meaning at your crossroads and realize a greater purpose in your life
  • You are longing to transform the Afternoon of Life into the most important, impactful, and inspirational time of your life

Combining his unique training and experience as a Rabbi, Grief Counselor, Logotherapist, & Spiritual Director, Baruch will guide through your crossroads, transcend your loss and empower you to discover deeper meaning, realize your authentic purpose and finally, and fully, live the True You in the Afternoon of Life.

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