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When you come to the crossroads of midlife, or are along the journey into the Afternoon of Life, sooner or later the Universe whispers in your ear that change is coming. 

Eventually, She no longer whispers; She rages! And when she does, your world comes crashing down and your journey comes to a grinding halt.

At these crossroads, amidst these shatterings, and all throughout the Afternoon of Life, ultimately we come to learn that the old goals no longer resonate, the old rules don’t make sense, and the old tools no longer work. 

Or, in the words of Dr. Carl Jung: 

“For what was great in the morning will be little at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie.” 

We are Ariela and Baruch HaLevi, the Co-founders of Soul Centered

Our mission is to empower our clients and community in consciously creating new goals, proactively designing new rules and practically implementing new tools, as they discover their innate healing wisdom, live wholeheartedly, and unleash their soul in ways that are only possible during the Afternoon of Life.

New Goals

New Goals

New Rules

New Rules

New Tools

New Tools

You’ve probably spent the last 30+ years working towards goals outside of yourself — raising a happy, healthy family, building a career that provides for your family or one that would make your parents proud. Like most people, you likely set goals through the lens of limiting beliefs you adopted in your early years. But now that you are entering the Afternoon of Life, it’s time to re-evaluate and set new goals. Goals which align with your values, move you in the direction of your dreams, and provide the fulfillment and joy that you deserve.

We all inherit Morning of Life rules — some explicit, most implicit — whether we realize it or not.  Rules such as, to have more is to be more, or we are what we do, or think with your head not with your heart. These rules tend to define us, and always confine us, trapped within a false self. The Afternoon of Life, however, presents us the possibility of taking back the reins. As we begin to question our inheritance, examine our beliefs, and compose our own rules, we are liberated to connect with our heart and soul, and to meet (often for the first time) our true self in order to live our authentic life. 

You have spent the first half of your life engaged in Morning of Life tools such as studying to acquire knowledge and secure your position in society, or physical fitness as the way to obtain an attractive body. Although these are worthy practices, they are often taught at the exclusion of the Afternoon of Life Tools such as meditation to quiet your mind, mindfulness to clarify your thoughts, or meaning-making to discover the pathway through the storms when they descend in your life. What got you through The Morning won’t get you through the Afternoon. For that, you need a whole new set of tools which will help you transform the second half of life into the most important time of your life. 

As The Healer (Ariela) and The Guide (Baruch), we utilize our signature programs and pathways, empowering you to:

Discover the possibilities within your struggles and potential within your shadows (Meaning)

Uncover your authentic self and realize your true purpose (Purpose)

Express your emotions as a pathway to liberate your body and live with inner freedom (Healing)

Wake up to your spirit, letting it guide you forward in your life (Spirituality)