Revolution of the Jewish Spirit:

How to Revive Ruakh in Your Spiritual Life, Transform Your Synagogue & Inspire Your Jewish Community 


Revolution of Jewish Spirit is a book to empower synagogues, Jewish organizations, communities and individuals on how to not merely survive, but thrive in the twenty-first century. Individualization, innovation and inspiration are the keys, or in one Hebrew word – Ruakh. Discover the secrets and create a Revolution of Jewish Spirit!

In this practical and engaging guide to reinvigorating Jewish life, Rabbi Baruch HaLevi and Ellen Frankel identify the difference between a living synagogue and a dying one, and offer methods for reviving the Jewish spiritual centers―federations, Jewish community centers, institutions and synagogues―that serve as the heart of Jewish tradition and your life. They offer practical strategies for sustaining and expanding transformation, including tips for providing impassioned leadership, inspired programming and inviting sacred spaces. Whether you are clergy, congregant or community member, this guide will help you awaken your spirit and enliven your journey to a Ruakh-filled life.

Spark Seekers: Mourning with Meaning; Living with Light

Spark Seekers is a manual on how to defy the darkness you have experienced after the death of a loved one, turning it into a source of inspiration and illumination. You are here to carry their fire forward and as you do, you will live more fully, love more fiercely and learn to transform darkness into light. 

Whether grieving the loss of a loved one, or confronting our own mortality, we all come face-to-face with the darkness of death at some point during life’s complicated journey.

And Rabbi Baruch HaLevi, DMin, is no exception. During a long career in which he has guided countless others through the process of loss and bereavement, he faced two devastating losses of his own when, two decades apart, his grandmother and father tragically took their own lives.

But when the shadows of grief took hold, “Rabbi B” dedicated his life to breaking this cycle, searching within the darkness rather than turning away. By transforming his mourning into meaning, he discovered the sparks that lie within, inspiring thousands of others along the way.

Featuring a mixture of personal stories and enlightening perspectives on love and loss, Spark Seekers serves as a companion for anyone, at any point along the grief journey, seeking to emerge from death’s darkness with newfound inspiration, purpose and, life.

From preparing for the end of life to exploring a myriad of meaningful mourning practices, this guide, coauthored by hospice bereavement counselor Ellen Frankel LCSW, combines equal parts inspiration and practical how-tos, paving the way for a new approach for looking at dying, death, and life after loss in the twenty-first century.

Creative Kaddish

If you're not quite ready for Carry The Fire, we still want to offer you something that will support you in your grieving process and provide a unique way for you to honor your loved one - and we're offering it totally free!


Soul Centered is proud to offer you, "Creative Kaddish," an ancient kabbalistic ritual that will inspire and empower you in becoming a guardian of your loved one’s story.

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