Work with Ariela

Transforming the lives of women in the Afternoon of Life

Intuitive Guidance & Healing

Emotional Freedom

Awaken to the courage & strength inside of you, face emotions head on, and transform your midlife shattering into awakenings.

Physical Healing

Heal your body and your relationship with it, opening the doorway for it to bring you messages to help you live in truth and light.

Spiritual Awakening

Realign yourself with your spirit and stand in your truth — no matter what the outside world is experiencing.

Relationship Transformation

 Deepen your relationships, rebuild, and restore intimacy.  Relationships shift when we shift internally.

There is one word for summing up The Afternoon of Life… 


The Afternoon of Life, for a woman of any stage of midlife, is the shedding of the layers of fears, insecurities, and resentments that we have built up over our lifetime.

It is the roller coaster of hormonal and spiritual unrest that we experience, the metamorphosis the brings about the most profound transformation of our lives

It is the call from within, asking you to release who you thought you were, in order to uncover and awaken to who you truly are. 

The call that tells you that it is time to burn away the old beliefs, vows, and blocks that have kept you small and helpless.

Here is how this fire may be showing up in your life:

  • You may feel like your body has betrayed you, as if you are trapped in a body that you don’t fully love and understand, no matter how many yoga classes and affirmations you recite.  
  • You may feel deeply vulnerable, as if you are walking around naked in the world, feeling all of your fears, insecurities, and resentments come boiling to the surface.
  • You ache to transform your life, to become the wise, self-assured woman you know has been hidden under the limiting beliefs that hold you back.  
  • You are having a crisis of your soul, experiencing transitions, turbulence and trials, and wake up feeling most days like you don’t know who you are anymore.

The things you used to do to cover up, shove down, and push away your pain, no longer work.

And sometimes the fire consumes you.

You feel lonely and disempowered.

Lost in your relationships, unable to find your voice and express your worthiness.

Perhaps you have lost someone dear to you, and this grieving process has broken you open.

Maybe divorce and shifts in your relationships are bringing you to your knees.

These midlife fires all have one thing in common…

Underneath all of the burning is the call of your soul.  

This is a spiritual awakening —
even if you don’t know you are having one.

This is the call to healing, a time for learning the lessons and facing our shadows. 

The call of the Afternoon of Life is to release the beliefs, limitations, and insecurities that others have placed upon you, so that you can listen to the call of your intuition, your truth, and your empowered self. 

In energetic terms, this is a call for a rebirth, a shift in our bodies, relationships, careers, families, and our soul. It is the Universe banging at our door, begging us to finally listen to the call of our spirit. 

It is a call to awaken, to realize your soul purpose and finally live her fully and fiercely in the Afternoon of Life.  

This is a choice.

We don’t have to face this calling.

Most women don’t and choose to continue to live as they have been all along.

But you are different.

Because you won’t be pulled down by the fires of transformation. You don’t want to expend any more energy hiding in your shadows, from yourself or others. 

You won’t succumb to the heat. 

You are ready to face you, your soul, and your shit. 

It is so time. 

And by answering the call, you will discover your truth, a deeper love and more joy than you have ever known. 

“I have searched for my soul connection for most of my life. Working with Ariela has taught me how to heal and grow in my body, spirit and soul. I finally am able to face losses in my life, with the help of guided visualizations and generational trauma work that we have done together. 

I have faced my shadows and my body no longer feels hostile; it feels like home. I feel more whole and now have the tools to help myself stay grounded. 

Ariela’s work in energy healing, intuitive guidance and visualizations have helped clear pathways that have been stuck inside me, and now I see a clear, brighter and more positive future.

Ariela is the reason I can see the next phase of my life coming into focus and how I can enjoy the beauty of the journey.” 

– Kathy G

“Ariela is the loving and guiding voice we all need to find our way. She encouraged me to explore parts of myself, and my past, that needed to be brought into the light. Her intuitive insights are spot on and her guided meditations have led me toward greater clarity and compassion for myself.” 

– Samantha R

I created The Embodied Soul 3-Month Program to guide you through the fire so that you can experience:

Emotional Freedom

  • Learn how to access the deep emotions stored inside of your body that keep you feeling small, unhealed, stressed, and anxious.  
  • Learn how to feel and express your emotions to finally live in true freedom.
  • Awaken to the courage and strength inside of you when you face emotions head on, and transform your midlife shatterings into awakenings. 
  • Heal ancestral emotions and patterns passed down subconsciously so you can begin to make conscious and empowered decisions based in your true knowing.
  • Heal limiting beliefs and promises made from long ago that don’t serve you today, and experience a transformation in the way you align your beliefs with your soul.

Physical Healing

  • Healing is accessible to each and every person. Discover that your genetics don’t make up your health.
  • Explore and learn the spiritual lessons behind every block, ache, pain, and illness in the body to heal on a deep energetic level.
  • Learn to love your body and accept it in the present moment, just as it is.
  • Heal the relationship with your body and create a deep bond with it based on truth and honesty.
  • Discover inner peace within your body and allow the body to bring you messages to help you live in truth and light.

Spiritual Awakening

  • Align yourself with your soul, your higher purpose and spirit to live in your authentic truth.
  • Face and release the shadow self that often throws us out of our knowing and soul path.
  • Learn how to realign yourself with your spirit and your truth, no matter what the outside world is experiencing.
  • Sharpen your intuition and spirit connection through clearing and releasing old energies, old beliefs, and untruths.
  • Finally realize your soul purpose, your reason for being and living.

Relationship Transformation — With Yourself and Others

  • There is something greater than you inside, and you deserve to know and trust your soul path and purpose; a roadmap for your soul, an anchor for when life is rough.
  • You will know, feel and experience wholeness and transform your life from the inside out.
  • When you learn to live in your heart, heal your wounds, and trust your inner voice, you will see a deep transformation in body, mind, spirit, and soul.
  • Live authentically you, and watch others treat you authentically.
  • When you experience these transformations, your relationships will deepen, trust can be built, and intimacy can be restored and explored. Relationships shift when we shift internally.

Why You Need to do this Work NOW:

When we come to the crossroads of midlife, or are along the journey into the Afternoon of Life, sooner or later the Universe whispers in our ear that change is coming. Eventually She no longer whispers; She rages! And when she does our world comes crashing down and our journey comes to a grinding halt. Our heart can be shattered into a million pieces, and we have to stop, face and pick up those pieces. The problem is we were never taught how. 

Now is the time.

Midlife is a call to action. An awakening to the potential locked inside of you.  Life is short, and midlife is reminding us to heal these wounds now.  This is where self-care, spiritual practice, and energy healing comes in to reveal a new navigational system for discovering and embracing your authentic, empowered self.

“Don’t die with your music still inside of you.” – Wayne Dyer

Your healing is waiting. Your voice is calling. 

My Approach

My superpower is that I can intuitively see your emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks that prevent you from knowing your true health, magic, and wholeness 

I help you remember your divine oneness by connecting to the energies of your ancestors and past lives, and releasing the ruptures passed down through generations, while owning the unique resources and gifts they have to share with you.  

I help you remember your wholeness by clearing the energetic pathways that block you and keep you feeling hopeless, helpless, and small.  

I help you remember your soul purpose by working together to feel emotions and experiences preventing you from knowing your truth.

To put it simply, I help you release the influence of others so that you can step into the power of who you are and live your life in a way that is honest to your true self.

Ariela HaLevi

“I have always lived outside of my body. I never felt connected to it and preferred to live in my mind. My mind was always a safer place to live because my body was filled with emotional traumas from childhood.

When I turned 50, I began to notice that my body was changing with hormonal imbalances and grumblings of midlife. I started to feel like I could no longer hide from my childhood wounds because my body wasn’t looking or feeling the way it used to. I felt like I had rage and intense sadness that would explode at any time. I just couldn’t hold these feelings in any longer.

It wasn’t until I lost my father to cancer, that I started working with Ariela. She guided me back into my body through healing visualizations that helped me to express grief, and also my childhood wounds that were arising now that my father was gone.

I feel a new sense of life inside of me. My relationship with my body has changed and for the first time, I feel free from the emotions I always stuffed down. I would highly recommend working with Ariela.

Her work has changed my life.”

– Wendy J

I came to Ariela at a time in my life when I needed spiritual guidance and help in releasing limiting beliefs that were blocking me from true inner freedom.

Ariela’s kindness and compassion helped me feel safe and comfortable. She supported and encouraged me on my sometimes difficult journey inward.

After working with her, I finally felt like I had permission to use my own intuitive gifts and honor my authentic voice!

I have made changes in my career, my relationships, and in my body and self-care. Her ability to connect to my guides and angels helped clear my fears and make me feel more emotionally free.” 

– Angela P

During our time together, our sessions will include energy work and intuitive guidance, as well as guided healing visualizations. 

Your journey begins with a complimentary Soul’s Calling Discovery Session. During this call, we will get to know one another. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the program and share about your journey, needs, and what you are looking for.

Ariela HaLevi

Soul-Centered Sessions

Over the course of three months, we meet weekly, in a one-hour long “Soul Session”.

Because you are unique, our process will be as well, ensuring that you receive exactly what you need, when you need it.

Each session begins with a brief, mindfulness-centering-visualization, helping you get settled, relaxed, and focused. From there you will experience a combination of energy healing and intuitive soul guidance, as well as healing guided visualizations to address and release the issues you are facing, feelings you are experiencing, and hidden shadows, patterns, and limiting beliefs presenting themselves to you in your life.  

In our sessions, we often receive information from the root or source of your healing to be cleared and realigned. This can include the messages from loved ones who have passed away, that are here to assist you on your healing journey and help you to see the generational wounds that have been passed down. 

family tree

Mapping Your Legacy: Building Genograms to Heal Multigenerational Family Patterns, Traumas, and Behaviors

Healing ancestral trauma and wounds enables you to release, restore & heal the past; embrace the future with confidence, and gain an understanding of your true worth in the world through self-love. Receiving the intuitive support and guidance of a professionally trained educator who supports you in the healing and opening to your ancestral healing allows you to heal with gentleness, love, and compassion.

Creating your own genogram, or family tree brings to life the invisible threads of stress, trauma, and wounds that can linger from the family generations that preceded you. Multi-generational trauma refers to the ways that trauma gets transferred from one generation to another either directly or indirectly. 

Unresolved trauma of one generation is a legacy that can be passed down to the next generation. In our work together, you will build your family genogram as a way to explore the resources you can draw on genetically, emotionally and spiritually, and to bring to life family patterns- emotionally, physically, and behaviorally.  This includes both the traumas and treasures that influence you and your spirit.  

Having this information will allow us to draw upon past generations to heal and release wounds that have been passed down, but may not be yours. It can also be a source of great wisdom and guidance as your ancestors guide you to your spiritual work around your family’s legacies as well as deep forgiveness work. This work is done both on an energetic level as well as in our healing guided visualization work as described below. You will receive a PDF image to create your own family lineage and we will integrate this information into our Soul Sessions and the work we do together.

Enneagram Assessment

Prior to our first official meeting, as part of your package, you will be provided the opportunity to take an online Enneagram assessment with the premiere Enneagram company on the market. The Enneagram is an ancient, powerful, and practical personality/character/spiritual assessment tool. Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a detailed, personalized Enneagram report. This will be a foundational component of our work together, providing you with a remarkably accurate and clear set of blueprints to better understand who you are, your shadows, your light and what you need to choose your own way forward.

Energy Healing with Intuitive Guidance

You will experience uniquely guided energy healings, which include, but are not limited to Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Trauma Healing.

This experience is combined with Ariela’s unique way of intuitively connecting you to divine messages of healing, as well as psychically helping you make the connections needed to heal yourself, your soul, and relationships, past and present, which allows for deep transformation.  

Ariela helps you connect to loved ones from the past, your guides, and your specific angels to assist in the discoveries and root causes of emotions and old, limiting beliefs from the past, in order to live your best life.   

Energy Healing

Healing Guided Visualizations 

In these guided visualizations, you’ll experience a meditation that will take you on a journey to meet your higher self so that you may access the emotions, memories, and traumas that have been repressed for your own protection, safety, and well-being. 

Every session is unique and designed to address your immediate needs. These sessions may touch on inner child wounding, repressed and discarded memories, past and early life trauma, tapping into different parts of your body for physical healing, and more.  

This effective form of healing will allow you to release energies that are not your own in order to experience deep and powerful transformation. Through an interactive process, I will create the space you need to form a deep connection with your higher self and receive guidance from her about what is ready to be healed. You will be fully supported with everything you need to process whatever comes up.

Soul Work

When it comes to soul, it’s not about doing more, but doing it more intentionally, consciously, and soulfully. Sometimes it’s about “doing”, but often it’s about “being,” and in between Soul Sessions you will have the opportunity to be more present, intentional, and conscious through “Soul Work”. 

Soul Work consists of a combination of multi-media designed meditations, mindfulness practices, yoga videos, journaling exercises, and other original produced content to help you continue, and deepen, your practice and journey in between sessions, as much or as little as you need.

Soul Work

Bonus Soul-Centered Support

As a bonus, you will gain access to:

Soul Communications: An online communication platform where you will receive daily, group inspirational voice messages, and periodic, personalized supplemental messages to aid in your journey between sessions. You’ll also have the ability to text or voice message me any questions, insights or reflections you might want to share. 

Soul Seminars: Monthly Zoom webinars, hosted by Baruch and Ariela, exclusively for Soul Seekers (Soul Centered clients and members), where you can continue to explore the goals, rules and tools of the Afternoon of Life.

Soul Retreats: You will be extended the opportunity to join in future Soul Retreats (virtual and post-Covid in the Rocky Mountains) to gather together with fellow Soul Seekers, for immersive Soul Unleashed exploration as we build our Soul Centered Tribe, together.

“Ariela has taught me that my body is my home. I have struggled with autoimmune disease and other chronic issues for years. I finally found a healer that taught me how to be my own healer.

Ariela helped me uncover my emotions and wounds underneath my illnesses, and shed light on what my body and spirit needed to heal. I have grown immensely from working with Ariela and finally feel at home in this world and in my own being. I have healed layers of ancestral trauma that wasn’t mine! And I see a clear path to my soul purpose now that I have healed the wounds and emotions that were hiding my truth.

I am finally free in my own skin and it feels wonderful.”

– Jackie M

“Ariela came to me at a time in my life when I was faced with an acute and life-threatening trauma. Her gentle, empathetic, open disposition made me instantly feel comfortable in her presence.

Ariela was able to help me address the spiritual and energetic pathway to healing. She provided me with tools that have helped me focus on inner well being and awareness.”

– Dana

“For years, I have had a heart condition, panic attacks, and most recently, a stroke. Ariela has helped me understand that unresolved emotions can trap us into an unconscious belief system that harms not only our physical body but our spiritual minds and souls.

Through guided meditation, reiki, and intuitive coaching, she has helped transform my life into one of calm clarity as I rediscover who I am as a soul, a dreamer, and a human on this earth.

My physical health is better than ever and I now have helpful tools to access as I make supportive changes in my life.

I thank the heavens above for bringing her wisdom into my life!”

– Sally M

Are you ready?

No more sacrificing what you truly desire.

No more postponing your happiness.

No more settling for good enough.

You are not alone on your soul journey, and the Afternoon of Life is no longer whispering. 

She is awakening. 

Will you answer the call?

I’d love to support you in your own healing.

Schedule a Soul Empowering Discovery Session so we can:

  • Explore clear steps to take to work with me
  • Clarify your vision of what’s possible when you return and open to the connection with your deepest soul wisdom,
  • Identify the unique blocks stopping you from being emotionally, spiritually, and physically whole.
  • Create an action plan to help you gain the freedom to heal and change your life.
  • Explore how I can support you on your healing journey.

Even if you decide not to engage in this program, you will be offered insights and tools to help you better navigate through your crossroads.

Creative Kaddish

If you're not quite ready for Carry The Fire, we still want to offer you something that will support you in your grieving process and provide a unique way for you to honor your loved one - and we're offering it totally free!


Soul Centered is proud to offer you, "Creative Kaddish," an ancient kabbalistic ritual that will inspire and empower you in becoming a guardian of your loved one’s story.

Welcome to Creative Kaddish! Check your email for more details...