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Your guide in discovering meaning, purpose, and healing in the Afternoon of Life

Are you ready to create the space to stop reacting to your circumstances and start responding to your Life?

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

– Dr. Viktor Frankl

Baruch works with clients in exploring “that space” we all need to reclaim our power, and discover true freedom, as we choose our response to life.   

Welcome to Soul Centered Guidance


Rabbi Dr. Baruch HaLevi

Hi, I’m Baruch HaLevi, co-founder of Soul Centered and your Guide Through The Afternoon of Life.

I work with clients one-on-one and in small groups, empowering them to discover deeper meaning in loss, greater purpose in life, and live their truth in the Afternoon of Life (midlife and beyond).

For nearly 20 years I have served as a Rabbi, Logotherapist (meaning/choice-centered psychotherapy founded by Dr. Viktor Frankl), Grief Counselor, Spiritual Director, Kabbalah Teacher, and Enneagram Coach. I guide people to proactively face their “Crisis Crossroads”, or what I also refer to as, Life’s T’s (transitions, tests, trials, traumas, and tragedies), transforming them into the most important, impactful, and inspirational moments of their lives. 

When we come to these moments, however, we have a choice…

  • Will we attempt to avoid, deny, or run from the crossroads – or CHOOSE to face them and embrace them?
  • Will we allow Life T’s to dictate our decisions and determine our destiny – or CHOOSE to move forward intentionally and purposefully?
  • Will we continue to react with fear to our circumstances – or CHOOSE our response to our life?

In the words of Dr. Viktor Frankl, “this is the last of the human freedoms: to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.“

Wherever we are in life, whatever we are facing, we always have a choice.  It’s time to face your crossroads, take back your power, and make the choice. 

It’s time to choose your own way!

You have a soul purpose that is yours and yours alone. Together we will listen to your soul and follow Her as She guides you back to the True You.

Rabbi Dr. Baruch HaLevi works with clients in multiple ways, including:

LOGOTHERAPY (Meaning Centered Psychotherapy)

Empowering clients through meaning or choice-centered psychotherapy, discovering deeper meaning and a greater purpose as a pathway to growth and freedom in their life.


Nurturing clients in proactively facing their mortality and designing a legacy, or grieving the death of a loved one, learning how to transcend their loss and heal their grief.


Supporting clients in cultivating a deeper connection to their spirit through mindfulness, meditation and spiritual practice, as they live their soul’s true purpose.



Engaging clients in the Enneagram, helping them release the false self, return to their true self, and take back the power of choice as they stop reacting, and start responding to life.

(See below for detailed descriptions)

“Baruch was the steady hand as I explored the complex feelings and big questions that arise from deep loss and grief. Through our work together, I have come to recognize ‘me’—who  I truly am underneath all the dusty layers—and how to infuse meaning, and even beauty, into one of the darkest chapters of my life. He helped me to see a brighter picture beyond my broken heart. By looking closely at the shattering created by loss, we’ve created openings in my life that I’m empowered and inspired to follow. He’s a life-changing force and I’m forever grateful for his guidance.”

Samantha Rose

“Over the past 23 years I have worked with a number of individuals in different therapeutic settings and I finally feel like someone is listening and giving me a road map on where to go.

Baruch is an extremely compassionate, caring, and goal-oriented person who continues to enlighten me as well as help me find new ways to break the patterns that do not serve me.

I truly enjoy working through all the personal and professional issues I come across with Baruch as he is challenging me to become a more authentic version of myself.”

Scott Kaplan

There is no one-size-fits-all way to work together. Your journey is yours and yours alone, and together we will weave a program that speaks to you, supports you at your crossroads, and inspires you on your journey! 

Work With Baruch

Baruch is trained in numerous counseling, therapeutic and coaching styles. He works with clients one-on-one through phone or Zoom. 

Grief Counseling

Heal Your Grief; Transcend Your Loss

Baruch has a doctoral degree in pastoral counseling, has officiated at over 500 funerals, guided thousands of people through grief, and made the journey himself on numerous occasions, as detailed in his book, “Spark Seekers: Mourning with Meaning; Living with Light.”

He works with grief clients utilizing his signature grief philosophy and program, “Carry The Fire.”

Carry The Fire is about more than surviving the loss of a loved one. Rather, it’s about learning to thrive again, living more fully and loving more fiercely, day by day and step by step, through carrying your loved one’s fire forward. You do this for them. You do this for the living. You do this for those who will one day follow in your footsteps and carry your fire forward in their life. 

In addition to individual counseling, Carry The Fire is offered in small groups, as well as a self-paced, multimedia “grief retreat”.


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Discover Deeper Meaning & Greater Purpose In Your Life

In addition to Baruch’s doctoral degree in counseling, he holds an Associate Degree in Logotherapy, and is a long time student of Dr. Viktor Frankl, father of Logotherapy (meaning-centered psychotherapy), Holocaust survivor, and author of more than thirty books including the best selling, “Man’s Search For Meaning.” 

 Logotherapy is based on three basic tenets:  

  • Life has meaning under all circumstances, and we have a fundamental need for meaning in life.
  • We have a body and psyche, but we are a spirit. This spirit is the source of our true, defiant power which we can call upon to endure suffering and discover meaning no matter what we are facing.
  • We express our defiant spirit through the power of choice; we always have a choice – the ability to choose our response to any of life’s circumstances.

Baruch works with clients, empowering them in awakening their defiant power of spirit, and discovering meaning and purpose in whatever they are facing in life. Ultimately, he guides them to take back their power, no longer reacting to their circumstances as they start responding to their life.

In addition to individual Logotherapy, Baruch has created, Choose Your Own Way, a self-guided, 21-day, multimedia program, empowering you to live the principles of Logotherapy, and other best-spiritual-practices, when you are navigating one of life’s many crisis crossroads. 

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Spiritual Direction

Return To Your Center & Express Your Soul

For twenty-five years Baruch has been studying, practicing, and teaching Kabbalah, Buddhist mindfulness-meditation, and yoga. He is a student of numerous spiritual traditions and finds refuge and guidance in different aspects of each of them.

Baruch is trained in Spiritual Direction, and works with clients in exploring their soul, cultivating their relationship to the Divine, and deepening ways to listen to, and communicate with, the divinity within and beyond.

Each and every one of us has a unique fingerprint. Likewise, we all have a unique soulprint. Baruch will support you in discovering, understanding, and living out your soul purpose and fulfilling your soul’s contract in this lifetime.

Enneagram Coaching

Take Back Your Power To Choose & Meet The True You 

Baruch is a certified Enneagram facilitator and works with clients utilizing the premium Enneagram assessment on the market. 

The Enneagram is an ancient, psycho-spiritual “personality” assessment and roadmap, originating from Catholic mysticism with distinct influence from Kabbalah. 

The basic premise of the Enneagram is that there are nine fundamental human energies or personality types. However, unlike other personality profiling systems, we are not our type. Rather, our type is simply our patterned behaviors, our “shadows,” oftentimes causing us to react to our circumstances, resulting in what might be termed – our false self. 

The opportunity presented by the Enneagram is to: become aware of how we react, understand our shadows, learn to guard against the false self as we choose to live our True Self.  

In addition to individual Enneagram coaching, Baruch has synthesized Kabbalah, Logotherapy and the Enneagram into a small group experience called, Your Soul Choice. Your Soul Choice will guide you through the purpose of choice (Kabbalah), the power of choice (Logotherapy) and the pathway of choice (Enneagram).

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“In so many ways, I was a typical highly motivated, achievement-oriented forty-something-year-old male. I worked sixty plus hours per week in a high-stress environment, both to benefit my family and to perpetuate my ego. However, at some point, I hit a wall, a “midlife crisis,” not knowing where to go or how to move forward.

Thankfully I began working with “B” as he helped me explore what led up to my crisis, how to interpret it, and how to harness it to bring meaning to what I know will be a more meaningful and inspired second half of my life.

Utilizing Enneagram, Logotherapy, Kabbalah, and a lot of real-world wisdom and practical skills and tools, Baruch has helped me get back to my center, motivated about the future, and most of all he has inspired me to once again, to live my soul purpose”

Scott Klein

Making time and investing energy into returning to our true self and discovering our soul purpose is not selfish, it’s self-centering, placing us back into the center of our life. It is not only a gift we can give to ourselves, but a gift to those whom we love and serve. They want us centered. They need us to know our true self. We need to discover and live our soul purpose!

Here’s how I work with clients…

Discovery Session

Your journey begins with a complimentary Discovery Session. During this call we will get to know one another. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about my counseling style, the philosophy behind Logotherapy and this program, and share your journey, needs and what you are looking for. Even if you decide not to engage this program, you will be offered insights and tools to help you better navigate through your crossroads more meaningfully and purposefully.Enneagram Assessment


Enneagram Assessment

Prior to our first official meeting, as part of your package you will be provided the opportunity to take an online Enneagram assessment with the premiere Enneagram company on the market. The Enneagram is an ancient, powerful and practical personality/character/spiritual assessment tool. Upon completion of the assessment you will receive a detailed, personalized Enneagram report. This will be a foundational component of our work together, providing you with a remarkably accurate and clear set of blueprints to better understand who you are, your shadows, your light and what you need to choose your own way forward.

Counseling Sessions

Our time together revolves around a weekly, hour-long Logotherapy session, which takes place by phone or Zoom. Each session begins with a brief, mindfulness-centering-visualization helping you get settled, relaxed and focused. From there you will experience a combination of free-flowing sharing of whatever you need to process, together with an intuitively guided conversation. We will explore the issues you are facing, feelings you are experiencing, shadows you are enduring, and ongoing patterns presenting themselves to you in your life.

Ongoing Support

As important as therapy is, it needs to be practical and applicable to daily life. For this reason, Your Soul Purpose employs impactful tools and ongoing communication to support you between sessions. As part of your package you will receive the following, additional support:

  • Daily Communication: Utilizing an online communication platform, Voxer (“the walkie-talkie app”) you will receive daily, group, instructional and inspirational voice messages and periodic individual messages to aid in your journey between sessions. You’ll also have the ability to text or voice message Baruch any questions, insights or reflections you might want to share. Even though you meet weekly with Baruch, you are connected as much as you need to feel supported and guided.
  • Weekly Work: Every session ends with you feeling empowered with practical tools, resources and optional Soulwork. This consists of a combination of recommended books, multi-media meditations, mindfulness practices, yoga videos, journaling exercises, and other original produced content based on your particular wants and needs. Think of it as homework for your soul!

  • Monthly Classes: Every month you will have access to an optional, exclusive live webinar, presented by Baruch and Ariela HaLevi (co-founder of Soul Centered). Baruch and Ariela explore ideas and themes relevant to their clients around issues such as applying Enneagram principles to your relationships, or integrating what you are developing in your personal life within your professional life. 

There comes a time in one’s life when what you’ve always done, what you’ve always thought, what you’ve always believed to be true is no longer true; certainly it is not enough. When this happens, although we don’t always know what it is, we know what it feels like, and for me it felt like a longing for something “more;” something more in my life and for my life. 

This has become more true the further into the Afternoon of Life I journey. It is no longer something I want to discover, It is something I need to discover. I want to know what this “more” is, to love it and live it, and that’s what this program and working with Baruch has allowed me to realize.

In our time together, I have gained invaluable insights into what this more is, and empowered with practical tools to manifest it in my life. Most of all I have learned to stop seeking “more” out in the physical world, and seek it in my heart, in my spirit, in me – because She (that’s what we call my True Self, my Soul) is me!

I highly encourage you to discover Your Soul Purpose. When you do, I’m certain of this: it will help you realize something more in your life, and lead you back to the center of your life, to your soul, to You.That is the “more” we are all seeking, and there’s nothing more to ask for than that!

 -Barb Hirsch-Giller

I came to Baruch at a time in my life when I sensed I was at a midlife crossroads. Although everything was fine in my life, deep down I knew that fine wasn’t enough for my life. I wanted something more: more meaning, more purpose and frankly, I wanted to be more in the way I showed up as a husband, father, son, and man – the man I knew I could become. That’s where Baruch stepped in. From the moment we began, I gained newfound insights and so much inspiration. I also began to acquire the tools I needed to not only transform myself, but I have watched this transformation trickle out to the people I love and serve. It has profoundly impacted my family, my work, my employees, my clients and my life for the good. I can honestly say that with Baruch’s guidance, and the insights of Your Soul Choice, I have made the leap from drifting through a life that’s fine, to manifesting my values, my desires and my dreams into a life of meaning, purpose and heart. I encourage you to ditch “fine,” and set your sights on “amazing,” because that’s what you experience when you work with Baruch and engage this program! 

Scott Shafman

St. Louis, MO

Let’s get started…

  1. Fill out a brief Discovery Form where you will share with me a few brief thoughts on what you are seeking.
  2. Schedule a time to set your complimentary Discovery session. To do so it’s as easy as a click of THIS button. 
  3. Join me by phone for a half-hour Discovery Session.


I want to begin; but now is not quite the time.

One of the common denominators my clients struggle with is that they are all “crazy busy.”  They are all pulled in a thousand directions and adding one more commitment is legitimately a concern. However, this is also part of their fundamental problem. They are often depleted, out of balance, and unclear for this very reason. They make time for everyone and everything, except for themselves, or to be more specific, their soul. This is why one of the focuses of our work together is learning to lovingly and decisively say “no” to many of the things that have saturated your life and learning to say “yes” to your soul. The right time to get centered, to get clear, and to get going is not when all the lights turn green, or somewhere down the road. Now is the right time for you to do this work, and the greatest gift you will give to yourself and your loved ones. 

Zoom In On Your Soul: Is It As Effective As In Person?

I’ve never done Zoom/phone counseling before. Is it as effective as in-person?

Having guided people both in person, and by Zoom and phone, I can say unequivocally that virtual counseling is as intimate and impactful as in person. In our post COVID world, in fact, the research is beginning to confirm this as well… It’s certainly easier to make happen; no driving, no waiting, no logistical challenges at all. Actually, I personally have found that virtual guidance is MORE impactful than in person. With Zoom and phone there are far fewer physical distractions, allowing us to get to the ideas and feelings you are dealing with, and being in the comfort of your home is invaluable in helping you feel safe, secure, and ready to open to the nature of these conversations. 

Zoom vs Phone: Which Do I Choose?

So here’s a bit of a shocking discovery, in my opinion, Zoom is more impactful than in-person counseling and the phone is more impactful than Zoom! I know, it’s counterintuitive, but this has been my, and my client’s, experience. Here’s why: what we see pales in comparison to what we hear. Intimacy isn’t as dependent on looking as it is on listening. In fact, our eyes often distract us, and my experience has been that the more we can shut our eyes, hear one another’s words and really listen to what the other is truly saying, we can go deeper, faster, and farther than we can with eyes open. It has been a delightful revelation to discover the depths of both phone and virtual counseling.

What Is Logotherapy

As a Logotherapist, I am often asked to elaborate on Logotherapy. 

Logotherapy is a school of psychotherapy created by Dr. Viktor Frankl, psychiatrist, Holocaust survivor, and author of over thirty books including, “Man’s Search For Meaning,” ranked as a top ten all-time influential book by the U.S. Library of Congress. Logos translates as “meaning,” and therapy, of course, means “healing.” At its heart, Logotherapy is healing through meaning; it is founded upon the core beliefs that:

  • we have a body and mind, but we are a spirit/soul
  • our body and mind can, and will, become sick at times; our spirit, however, is always healthy and whole
  • life has meaning under all circumstances
  • human beings need meaning at the center of our lives
  • we always have the power to choose to discover this meaning
  • our power of choice emanates not merely from our body (somatic), or our mind/emotions (psychic), but from our spirit (noetic)

Why Do You Use The Enneagram

I have always been drawn to various personality profiling tests like Strength Finders, DISC, and Meyer-Briggs. However, I have also always found these tests, although helpful, to be limiting, as they tend to pigeon hole us to a personality type, as well as neglect a spiritual dimension of who we are. The Enneagram, however, not only provides an extremely accurate personality profile, and our strengths and weaknesses, but also elaborates on the spiritual and psychological depths of our Enneagram type. It is a roadmap not of who we are, but how we behave, allowing us to see our defaults, our patterns, and the ways we get stuck. Once we understand this, we have the ability to fully choose to stop reacting and start responding to our circumstances and our life. 


Creative Kaddish

If you're not quite ready for Carry The Fire, we still want to offer you something that will support you in your grieving process and provide a unique way for you to honor your loved one - and we're offering it totally free!


Soul Centered is proud to offer you, "Creative Kaddish," an ancient kabbalistic ritual that will inspire and empower you in becoming a guardian of your loved one’s story.

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