Love Your Sacred Body

in the Afternoon of Life

Discover your inner magic to awaken, heal,
and transform your body from the inside out.

Loving your body is a spiritual journey. 

But for many women, it is a rocky relationship that feels separated, disconnected, and discouraging.

Loving your body in midlife is an invitation to dive into the separation and finally, explore why you may have been living from the neck up most of your life, carrying around a body that may feel like unfeeling armor. 

Midlife transitions, turbulence, and trials may be causing you to feel like your body has a mind of its own and you have zero control.

As life changes, so does your body. This is an intense period of loss; loss of the body you once had, but also loss of the relationship to your body that now must change. As these changes settle in, you may be grieving… 

You start trying everything you can to regain control and get back to what once was…

You are having an internal uprising, perhaps a vague sense of restlessness, or even a loud eruptive desire to break away, and an internal voice that demands, “There must be more than this body and this life!”

You feel stressed, burnt out more often than not, chronic exhaustion, weight gain, and an inner voice that is desperately telling you that you and your body are not enough.

You soon find yourself at war not only with your body, but with yourself. 


I need you to know that you are not alone — our lives may look different, but the transitions and turbulence of midlife are something all women experience.

Unfortunately, our masculine world is not set up to give us the time we need to shed our old skin, and transform into the new skin we are becoming.  This transformation takes time to grieve and discard the old protective skin so it can fall off and make room to grow and evolve into the truth that we are.

In truth, this is a feminine call to dive into the silent spaces of our body and birth a new body in freedom and truth. It is an invitation to take the time to bump up into the spaces in our bodies and our lives that keep us hidden. 

It is a time of deep transformation, freedom, and possibility. It is a time to love the depths, the bumps, the fears.

It is a time to experience our own “nakedness” and be reborn into who we truly are!

Hi, I’m Ariela

I work with women in the Afternoon of Life (midlife and beyond) to reawaken a deep connection to their soul, and discover their spirit — to heal, transform, and feel empowered in their lives. I intuitively see emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks that prevent you from knowing your true health, magic, and wholeness.  

I know the path to wholeness well. I felt disconnected from my body for years and struggled with body dysmorphia, always believing that I was not worthy of love from myself if I didn’t look a certain way. Midlife was a wake-up call for me to really shed my old wounds about my body and truly accept and love the skin that has held me and my soul for so many years.  I have learned from helping myself and the women that I work with that the path to loving your sacred body is a combination of emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. 

When we embark on this journey, we clear the path of limiting beliefs and blocks that prevent us from knowing our own magic.  

As we travel through midlife, our bodies change and grow, often in ways that we fight and struggle with. Midlife is calling for us to embrace ourselves and our bodies like never before. We are being called to heal the emotional pain and physical frustration that is preventing us from loving our bodies in ways we have never experienced. I am here to support you on your healing journey so you can celebrate your body in all of its beauty!


The Afternoon of life (midlife and beyond) is wrought with hormonal upheavals, life transitions, body changes, and many trials — grief, loss, divorce, physical issues, raising older children, and so much more — which directly affects our bodies and our connection to it. 

Midlife and beyond is a deep feminine experience of exploring the shadows held in our bodies and coming out feeling whole and worthy from the inside out. 

We are being called to love and live in our bodies in a different way in the Afternoon of Life. 

Exercise and eating healthy is, of course, important and essential to maintain and live in a healthy body, but in the afternoon of life… 

We have an invitation to go deeper, to dive into our physical body as a vessel of spirit, femininity, power, and love. 

Introducing: Your Sacred Body

This program offers you a new, unique way to maximize your self-healing capacity, manifesting abilities, intuition, and the spiritual insight needed for the Afternoon of Life. 

And, most of all, this program will help you love the skin you’re in — “imperfections” and all. 

You will finally feel healed and whole and in partnership with your body, by using the missing ingredients in connection:




These are the building blocks of the body in the Afternoon of life. 

Sacred Body is for you if:

BELIEFS about yourself are diminishing your joy and holding you back from the rich experiences life has to offer.

YOU’RE READY to dive into the deepest part of yourself, your spirit, and step into your authentic power.

YOU DESIRE a healing practice for your body & spirit in order to feel grounded, whole, and more spiritually aligned.

This enlightening course will nurture you physically, emotionally, and spiritually!

Working with Ariela has taught me how to heal and grow in my body, spirit, and soul. I have faced my shadows and my body no longer feels hostile; it feels like home. I feel more whole and now have the tools to help myself stay grounded. Ariela’s work in energy healing, intuitive guidance, and visualizations have helped clear pathways that have been stuck inside me, and now I see a clear, brighter, and more positive future. Ariela is the reason I can see the next phase of my life coming into focus and how I can enjoy the beauty of the journey.

-Kathy G.

Your Sacred Body is designed to utilize the chakras as a roadmap to navigate the journey of sacred body love and discover your body’s wisdom.

The chakras are a body of wisdom inside of you that lead you to loving and discovering the sacredness of your own body.  

We are so much more than physical beings. Our bodies are spiritual in nature, and expressions of our deepest truths, beliefs, traumas, emotions, and past experiences. Every event that we have ever experienced and every emotion we’ve had, are stored in our bodies. 

This is your story. What story do you want your body to tell? 

The chakras are the 7 energy centers in the body — aligned from the base of the spine through the crown of the head. Chakra means wheel or turning and each chakra is like a spinning vortex of energy. When a chakra becomes blocked or unbalanced in relation to the other chakras, it can lead to illness, emotional, or spiritual distress. It can even affect relationships and other life situations by impacting your overall energy. 

When we’re caught up in negative body image thoughts, it’s a good indication that one or more of our chakras is out of whack. Balancing the chakras is essentially a practice in connecting to the energy of the physical body while simultaneously honoring the spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of life.  

In order to balance our chakras and love our sacred body, we must create a different physical expression and outlook. This expression is one that promotes love, health, vitality, wisdom, and truth. This is a practice that requires a deeper listening and openness to see and experience the body in ways we may not have done when we were younger.  

The chakras are the path to loving the oneness that is YOU!

No longer will you play small, and feel hopeless and helpless.

You and your body deserve to shine!

What to Expect

In Your Sacred Body, you will explore seven modules, coinciding with the seven chakras. Each chakra is a portal and gateway to knowing your body in a deeper, more sophisticated way. We will journey together to navigate your own being, all the layers of the self that block us from loving our bodies and discover our bodies as a vehicle to the Divine Feminine herself. 

No longer will we focus on only the physical body and the deterioration of the physical as we age… This is a new and exciting journey to see the body as a doorway to the soul, a gateway to deeper layers of nourishment, sensuality, and love for yourself! 

What’s Included

Your Sacred Body takes you through the sacred body journey and gives you all the tools you need to love your midlife body.  

Each of the 7 modules contain a variety of ways to engage in opening to your sacred body through the chakras. Each Module will begin with an introduction to the featured chakra, and how the chakra relates to the sacred body. 

You will then experience audios and video meditations, visualizations, tools for when you feel blocked, journal writing prompts, and yoga videos specific to each chakra. 

Finally, you will receive bonus videos to enhance your experience.

Baruch HaLevi

In this course you will learn:

  • How each chakra relates to loving your sacred body and how to experience your own energy channels
  • How each chakra works on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, and how they can deeply enhance and affect how you feel about your body and your life
  • Unique tools to release stuck emotions from your body and limiting beliefs that get lodged inside the body
  • Specific practices to balance and work with each chakra
  • Meditations to greet mentors and guides along your body journey so you don’t ever feel alone
  • Visualizations designed to allow your body to be infused with healing light and energy emanating from your chakras and expanding upwards to your entire physical body
  • How journal prompts deepen your practice and connection to your sacred body, allowing us to physically express emotions from our bodies.Yoga and somatic movement practices that correspond to each chakra, helping you build the connection between your body and spirit
  • How to create self-healing and how to get to the root of your body disconnection

By the end of this 28-day program you will possess the self-healing and empowerment tools to love your sacred midlife body to know yourself as more than your physical body, but also as a spiritual being having a physical experience. 

You will say YES to your magic, your body’s wisdom, and your whole life: all of it!

Start healing and loving your body today for just $47!

After you complete your registration, you’ll get immediate access to Module 1 so you can get started right away. The remaining modules will become available every 4 days over the 28 day period, giving you space to experience each module completely.  

Your Risk-Free Guarantee

If you decide that Your Sacred Body is not for you, just email us within 7 days of your purchase and we’ll issue a full refund.

Mapping Your Sacred Body

Root Chakra

  • Explore the relationship you have with your physical body and how your worthiness is tied up with how your body looks. 
  • Learn how to feel more grounded and safe in your body to build the foundation for all seven chakras.
  • The root chakra is healing if you feel like your body is not a safe place and you struggle with trusting yourself, nourishing yourself, and feeling grounded in your body.

    Sensual Chakra

    • Discover yourself as an emotional woman, flowing with the waters of change, creativity, and sensuality. 
    • Learn to become comfortable with your emotions as the pathway to your spirit and wisdom.
    • The Sensual Chakra is healing if you feel like you need to open to emotions that may be blocking you from your true self, your creativity, and sensuality.

      Empowered Chakra


      • Open to empowerment and the truth that burns inside of you to honor yourself and your resilient body. 
      • Experience a belief change process that leaves you feeling freedom in your body
      • The Empowered Chakra is healing if you open to your limiting beliefs which are the root cause of our unworthiness and inability to stand in the truth of who we are.

      Heart Chakra

      • Turn on your heart light and open to vulnerability, changed relationships, and the heart as a healer. 
      • Discover your deepest longings and wishes as a way to free yourself from heaviness and feeling weighed down
      • The Heart Light Chakra is healing if you are willing to shine the light of love onto the parts of yourself that you are not proud of- the unaccepted parts, the unloved parts, the unwanted emotions, into all the darkened corners of your soul.

      Truth-Telling Chakra


      • Use your voice as an expression of the soul within you to elicit clear hearing and understanding yourself and the world around you.
      • Learn to express the emotions that are repressed and stored inside of your throat to release them and speak your truth
      • The Truth Telling Chakra is healing if you discover the power of your voice and find a balance between inner listening and connection to ourselves and in our relationships. This is the basis for conscious communication.

      Third Eye Awakening Chakra

      • Explore the body as the vessel for your spirit within and learn how to use this tool to uncover deeper love. 
      • Learn how to connect to the light within and beyond you to awaken to your sacred body.
      • The Third Eye Awakening Chakra is healing when we awaken to the idea that we are not just a bag of bones and muscles living in a body. This is the teaching of midlife sacred body awakening.

      Queen Chakra


      • Connect to your soul and body’s purpose and meaning and discover faith, trust, spirit, and hope that has been here your whole life.  
      • Discover how to open your crown to receive guidance from your higher self and live a more embodied life.
      • The Queen Chakra is healing when we become open to seek deeper meaning and healing by letting go of old goals, rules, and tools and discover who you are in this phase of life. These are invitations to explore the deeper parts of who you are and awakening to your higher purpose.

      Bonus Video and Audio Content

      • Meditation to help balance the hormones and find peace with your hormones
      • Goddess channeled visualization for activating healing with your sacred body
      • 30-minute yoga class to balance all of the chakras
      • Second Skin visualization to work with boundaries

      My physical health is better than ever and I now have helpful tools to access as I make supportive changes in my life. 

      For years, I have had a heart condition, panic attacks, and most recently, a stroke. Ariela has helped me understand that unresolved emotions can trap us into an unconscious belief system that harms not only our physical body but our spiritual minds and souls. Through guided meditation, energy healing, and intuitive guidance, she has helped transform my life into one of calm clarity as I rediscover who I am as a soul, a dreamer, and a human on this earth. I thank the heavens above for bringing her wisdom into my life!

      -Sally M., New York

      Your Sacred Body is a roadmap for:

      Awakening you to the sacred spaces that live inside your body.

      Inspiring you to experience the Afternoon of Life as a pilgrimage into the fires of change and explorations.

      Healing your old wounds and beliefs and awakening to your body’s natural ability to heal.

      Embodying your physical body as it is in this present moment, and exploring new ways to love the skin you’re in.

      Meet Your Healer, Ariela

      In her role as the Director of Healing and Co-Founder of Soul Centered, a spiritual center for individuals seeking meaning, purpose, and healing in the Afternoon of Life (midlife and beyond), Ariela HaLevi guides women to reawaken a deep connection to their soul and discover their spirit, to heal, transform, and feel empowered in their lives. 

      After what she calls her own midlife awakening, triggered by her struggle with auto-immune issues following her fourth pregnancy, the terminal diagnosis of her mother, and ultimately being crushed by the grief of her mother’s death, Ariela developed Soul Empowered Healing, a pathway, and program to assist women at midlife and onwards.

      With a Masters in Social Work, Reiki Master Healer, Energy Healer, Ancestral Lineage Guide, Psychology of Eating Coach, Yoga Instructor and Soul Journey Guide, Ariela is uniquely qualified to lead women on their journey to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. She has been working with clients for nearly twenty years and offers a combination of one-on-one virtual healing sessions, small group sessions, online webinars, and a host of supplemental, customized support materials in her programs.

      Utilizing energy healing, intuitive guidance, healing visualizations, spiritual counseling, and soul retrieval guidance, Ariela has designed a transformative process that empowers women to live their soul purpose in the Afternoon of Life.

      My relationship with my body has changed and for the first time, I feel free from the emotions I always stuffed down.

      I have always lived outside of my body. I never felt connected to it and preferred to live in my mind. My mind was always a safer place to live because my body was filled with emotional traumas from childhood. When I turned 50, I began to notice that my body was changing, with hormonal imbalances, and grumblings of midlife. I started to feel like I could no longer hide from my childhood wounds because my body wasn’t looking or feeling the way it used to. I felt like I had rage and intense sadness that would explode at any time. I just couldn’t hold these feelings in any longer. It wasn’t until I lost my father to cancer, that I started working with Ariela. She guided me back into my body through healing visualizations that helped me to express grief, and also my childhood wounds that were arising now that my father was gone. I feel a new sense of life inside of me. I highly recommend working with Ariela. Her work has changed my life.

      - Wendy J.

      I am finally free in my own skin and it feels wonderful.

      Ariela has taught me that my body is my home. I have struggled with autoimmune disease and other chronic issues for years. I finally found a healer that taught me how to be my own healer. Ariela helped me uncover my emotions and wounds underneath my illnesses, and shed light on what my body and spirit needed to heal. I have grown immensely from working with Ariela and finally, feel at home in this world and in my own being. I have healed layers of ancestral trauma that wasn’t mine! And I see a clear path to my soul purpose now that I have healed the wounds and emotions that were hiding my truth.

      - Jackie M.

      Creative Kaddish

      If you're not quite ready for Carry The Fire, we still want to offer you something that will support you in your grieving process and provide a unique way for you to honor your loved one - and we're offering it totally free!


      Soul Centered is proud to offer you, "Creative Kaddish," an ancient kabbalistic ritual that will inspire and empower you in becoming a guardian of your loved one’s story.

      Welcome to Creative Kaddish! Check your email for more details...