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The Danger of Numbers & Being Reduced to an Enneagram Type

The Danger of Numbers & Being Reduced to an Enneagram Type

I don't like numbers. I don't like when I have to balance them in my checkbook (not that I have balanced a checkbook since the 6th grade). I don't like to see what they have to say when I step on the scale. I don't like to talk about them when...

Meaning in Work: Choose To Be and Be Free

Meaning in Work: Choose To Be and Be Free

When I was a congregational rabbi, one of my primary duties was to comfort the dying, and one of the services I would offer was confessional. From religious Jews to devout Catholics, secular Atheists to spiritual seekers, it was almost always...

Loving Your Sacred Body

Loving Your Sacred Body

You might not know it, but you have a philtrum and everyone who looks at you can see it. You might be wondering, what is a philtrum? The philtrum—that groove we all have above our upper lips—may not be a commonly-referenced body part, but in...


Your Power 7-Day Transformation

OM Your Power is a seven day program where you will learn and utilize some of our most trusted tools in consciously and effectively transforming the Afternoon of Life into the most meaningful, purposeful, and inspirational time of your life.

Creative Kaddish

If you're not quite ready for Carry The Fire, we still want to offer you something that will support you in your grieving process and provide a unique way for you to honor your loved one - and we're offering it totally free!


Soul Centered is proud to offer you, "Creative Kaddish," an ancient kabbalistic ritual that will inspire and empower you in becoming a guardian of your loved one’s story.

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